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  • Jeff

    Sweet upgrade, Dave, but I’d have been careful to use the white LED’s. (I do understand the blue ‘matching’ … our girlies are all about the ‘M’ word, right?) You understand that blue light is proven to stimulate brain function, those photons send a ‘wake up’ signal which has been shown to inhibit melatonin production. Just read this week that brain researcher’s suggest a minimum of one hour away from blue light (phones and the whole gammit) before bed to avoid ‘waking up’ the ‘ol cranial mush. I’ve found it a must for me. If you and your cute little wife become a bit restless at bed time in just might be the blue glow by which you brush your teeth! Love ur blog, bro, as a semi retired automation, instrumentation & control EE it’s a fun view. Kind regards. Jeff. Charlotte, NC

  • Mike

    Looks great.

  • RJ

    So Dave, is this something you can legally do in Australia (without being a licensed electrician)?

  • Ah yes, had that same problem with finding the tubes. We’ve got quite a lot of electrical shops here in London so eventually found the right ones.

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