Dave Is The Human In The Machine

The Google Brain project with 1000 servers (16,000 cores) simulating a model of a brain with a billion synapses analysed 10,000,000 200×200 images over 3 days from Youtube,
and out pops Dave’s head!



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  1. …and the neighbours’ cat that you suspect is sh1tting in your veggie patch? Looks just like the right hand image. How does Google know all these things……..

  2. Google says it is a breakthrough. Looking at the picture, I think that Google computers like pictures that are 80% white people, 10% black people, and 10% zombies. We shouldn’t let computers run on their own like this.

  3. I don’t know, I think it looks more like the G-Man from Half Life…

  4. Watched 10mins of this. I didn’t get it; the guy just keeps saying big numbers and then pausing for dramatic effect. Guess it is not my field. However, obviously computers like watching EEVblog.

  5. At least it was just his head…….

  6. Alexei Polkhanov

    He over-simplified things when he described how it all works. Dramatic oversimplification is the reason why it does not make much of a sense. Machines, cores, watts, etc. If he would have described the type and topology of neural network they are using that would at least made it interesting …

  7. Nvidia really must be shitting themselves to make such lame events to sell their overpriced gpus…

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