EEVblog #739 – Ebay Hardware Tin Collection

Dave opens some of the 332 coffee tins full of hardware parts he scored at an ebay auction. What’s inside?
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World’s biggest component collection video HERE

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    • Dave is becoming quite a junk componet hoarder

    • hdavis

      I was hoping one of the cans would have an exploding snake fly out of it 🙂

    • mjk

      Dave, Just a word of advice. If you find a jar labelled “Toenail clippings”, don’t pop the lid and empty it straight into your hand…….

    • tlhIngan

      One wonders how he came up with his classification system…

    • Photon Peddler

      I feel like my electromechanical vocabulary grew by 1% just by watching this video.

    • Chris

      This guy was obviously a hoarder of parts. There is a limit to what you should keep versus what you should buy when you need it. Couch feet? Thats something you would buy when needed. This guy obviously ‘couldnt’ get rid of anything.

    • Manuel Medina Martin

      incredible collection of electronic parts
      luckily he do not disassemble any satellite or nuclear reactor

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