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EEVblog #1035 – Flaming DIY Power Supply

Smoke in the EEVblog Lab! What component failed and caught alight in the RD Tech ...

  • Maybe Sagan can help Dave #2 put the thing together

  • tlhIngan

    I wonder how much of the slowness of the machine is because a USB cam just isn’t that fast… sure you can get 30fps out of it but if you pan wildly they defocus and the exposure gets messed up so you need to pause a second or so in order for the camera to settle so you can take a good photo for image recognition.

  • mjk

    Looking forward to a set of spin-off videos from David. IIRC he has an interest in CNC, so there’s plenty of overlap there.

  • Eric Wertz

    Please review this mini-beast!

  • nsayer

    FWIW, at the start when Dave says he looks like Foo, for the Yanks, that would be Kilroy.

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