EEVblog #764 – New Lab Ceiling LED Lighting Installation

Dave installs a new LED lighting system in the EEVblog lab, with 9 x 60W 600mm 5000k ceiling LED panels.
A look at hermaphroditic connectors.
What kind of lux improvement is there on the bench?
Has the colour rendering index (CRI) changed things?
They cost how much?
A look at Lifud brand LED drivers, with mini teardown of course:

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    • El Gordo

      Hi Dave,
      You need to get a SONY A7s. It’ll shoot anywhere. I use mine for dark places in the D.C. METRO system. No light anywhere and the camera is crazy good.

    • Truthspew

      Just out of curiosity, how much does each panel cost?

    • John Wente

      Loved this video. I always thought your vids were of very high quality. Compared to some others I’ve seen, they are outsanding. I salute your determination to make them even better. 🙂
      BTW, I tried to register for the forum, but couldn’t. It said I answered the verification questions incorrectly. I answered “yes” to “Are you human” and 48/2 = 24 (even checked this on my 4-banger to make sure–not really). So what gives?

    • No links to the actual panels? All I found (ebay, google search) was priced around 120$USD , not 45$USD per panel. Even Aliexpress quoted, in huge lots, a price of 120$/panel.
      Who’s your goodies pusher? 😉

    • Andrus

      David, you forgot to make the power measurement. Chinese cheating all the time. I found only couple of trusted sellers from China. You may be have a right power panels, because you replaced the original drivers but you can still find a nasty surprises. Like lower power led chips.

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