EEVblog #764 – New Lab Ceiling LED Lighting Installation

Dave installs a new LED lighting system in the EEVblog lab, with 9 x 60W 600mm 5000k ceiling LED panels.
A look at hermaphroditic connectors.
What kind of lux improvement is there on the bench?
Has the colour rendering index (CRI) changed things?
They cost how much?
A look at Lifud brand LED drivers, with mini teardown of course:

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  1. Hi Dave,
    You need to get a SONY A7s. It’ll shoot anywhere. I use mine for dark places in the D.C. METRO system. No light anywhere and the camera is crazy good.

  2. Just out of curiosity, how much does each panel cost?

  3. Loved this video. I always thought your vids were of very high quality. Compared to some others I’ve seen, they are outsanding. I salute your determination to make them even better. 🙂
    BTW, I tried to register for the forum, but couldn’t. It said I answered the verification questions incorrectly. I answered “yes” to “Are you human” and 48/2 = 24 (even checked this on my 4-banger to make sure–not really). So what gives?

  4. No links to the actual panels? All I found (ebay, google search) was priced around 120$USD , not 45$USD per panel. Even Aliexpress quoted, in huge lots, a price of 120$/panel.
    Who’s your goodies pusher? 😉

  5. David, you forgot to make the power measurement. Chinese cheating all the time. I found only couple of trusted sellers from China. You may be have a right power panels, because you replaced the original drivers but you can still find a nasty surprises. Like lower power led chips.

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