• LIVE: Inventables X-Carve build

    We are LIVE right now on youtube building the Inventables X-Carve

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      • Jeeves Moss

        how do we chat with him on the show?

      • roni

        Dave, what devices that you use for this video streaming?

      • Schwuuuuup

        The video is blocked in Germany… did you use copyrighted background music? That never works over here 🙁

        • ee

          All youtube life streams are blocked in germany, independent of the content. You may use an ipv6 tunnel to the netherlands. Google for free ipv6 tunnel broker.

          • Schwuuuuup

            Wow, Thanks.. I wasn’t aware of that… I just read into this… the ruling is, that they block it, because Google could get sewed, when a streamer would suddenly turn on copyrighted music leaving Google no time to block it before it broadcasts…
            German laws and Courts are really broken when comes to copyright.
            Makes me wanting to pirate music to speed up the collapse of the music industry 😉

            • spaceman

              Yes they are way behind times.

      • Cliff Hartle

        Missed it 🙁

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