• EEVblog #833 – Mailbag

    Christmas Mailbag!
    Someone thinks atheist Dave won’t get saved by Jesus, so tries to convert him to Christianity!

    Forum HERE

    Sam Harris destroys christianity VIDEO
    Bonus Christopher Hitchens vs. God VIDEO

    Tandy PC-6 Pocket Computer
    Service Manual HERE

    Silego GreenPAK4 Mixed Signal Development Kit

    Isolated USB to RS422/RS485 converter board. The isoUSBRS422

    Vintage components
    Airbag system car occupant sensor.
    An audiophool valve Hi-Fi headphone amplifier

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      • Trevor Wilson

        Do what I do, Dave: Wish everyone a Happy Saturnalia. After all, the Christians subsumed the Saturnalia festival (which was ‘owned’ by the Pagans) for themselves. Bastards. Bah humbug to them all.

        • Of course, they did leave out those bits about trading places with your slaves for a day.

          • NDCantHandleTheTruth

            I find most liberal atheists take a lot of pleasure in insulting and attacking Christians and their “mythical beliefs”, but fall quite silent towards other faiths. Quite a safe pastime, as it’s quite unlikely Christians will show up at his doorstop ala Charlie Hebdo.

            When it comes to Islam, the religion under which banner men, women and children are being enslaved, tortured, and slaughtered in the most cruel manner possible RIGHT NOW, they’re complete cowards.

            In fact, not only do you sniveling little basement dwellers never have any criticism for Islam, but as exhibited by Dave, you apparently have a soft place in your heart for the faith so many murderous people find justification in. Just see Dave’s knee jerk protective reaction to the phony “Clock boy” stunt.

            • The stupid is strong with this one.

              • NDCantHandleTheTruth

                Sure Dave. Everything I said was accurate, so of course you can only reply with a personal insult.

                Go ahead, keep spitting on people’s deeply held personal beliefs, unprovoked, because you find them annoying.

                Bullies, like most atheists, will only abuse the people who won’t react, so keep having a good laugh at all those pathetic “Christians”, while keeping a respectful silence about Islam hypocrite.

                • Honestly, all 3 of the middle eastern death cults are pretty bad. Islam is probably the worst at the moment, but mostly because it hasn’t had the liberal reformation that the other two have had. There’s some pretty terrible things in the holy books of all 3 of them.

                  Christianity is only good at the moment because of how much it has adopted the view that large swathes of the bible aren’t meant for Christians to follow. The more literally Christian groups take those parts of the bible (Westboro Baptist Church) the worse they are.

                  Christianity itself, honestly, was a liberal reformation movement on top of Judaism, while Islam is a Fundamentalist cult built partially in reaction to that.

        • They get offended enough at “Happy Holidays” :->

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      • Jim Bean

        Merry Cris-myth , we are just envious as you get to unwrap (tech goodies) 356.25 .
        Still enjoying your voyages into the un-known !

      • Steve Wayne

        Good on ‘ya Dave! I really wish more people (especially those of celebrity and influence) had the balls to come out and dare say what they really think of religious myth and superstition.

        Knowledge of the fact that you’re a person of logic and reason solidifies my belief that the world has a chance for a future that may someday be relatively free from leadership and governance influenced by the scourge that is religion.

        • Admittedly it would be harder to speak up if I was in the religiously dominated environment, be it family dominated, or worse, a religiously ruled country where dong such a thing can mean imprisonment or even the death penalty. I admire those that do speak up in those situations.
          In Australia it’s pretty easy, hardly anyone really believes any of it, so it’s just normal talk here, you barely raise an eyebrow.

      • Mike Brumby

        If nobody has put their hand up for the headphone amp, I will.

      • Photon Peddler

        Chrismyth!?! Santa is REAL! How dare you!

        • My apologies. There is more evidence for Santa than anything else :->

      • Ken Galer

        Faith is pretending to know something you don’t know. I recommend “The GOD Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. It should be taught in grade schools.


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