EEVblog #853 – How A Multimeter Works

This was supposed to be a repair video of a Fluke 17B multimeter.
But embarrassingly turned into an impromptu How a Mulitmeter Works video.
Dave goes through the Fluke 17B schematic and explains how stuff works.
Forum HERE
Teardown video HERE
Thermocouple Tutorial HERE

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    • Nic Perrin

      I think rule 1: Thou shall check voltages needs moving to rule 2.
      Rule 1 is now – Thou shall put all the screws back on re-assembly.

      We call them “pocket screws” in the UK.. the screws left in your pocket after you’ve finished assembling something (or at least after you thought you’d finished.) 🙂

      • ajm8127

        Reminds me of a joke I found on Jack Ganssle’s website. Five surgeons are talking about which profession they prefer their patients to be. One prefers accountants because things are numbered, one librarians because things are alphabetical, etc.

        One of the surgeons prefers engineers because they understand when you have parts left over.

    • Jim Bean

      Just wait till you have a teenager in house
      ( to fuel poltergeist event- side effect of mass turbulence )
      Now where have all my best tools gone !

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