EEVblog #858 – Red Pitaya

Dave tries to get the Red Pitaya up and running and doing some basic measurements via WiFi & Ethernet.
Many issues: apps freeze, WiFi didn’t work, and the apps have only very basic rudimentary functionality. But it’s promising, and probably a good solution for those who want to write their own custom (internet enabled or remote) apps or learn FPGA programming, or do custom SDR stuff to 50MHz.
Those that want an out-of-the-box DAQ scope/wavegen/spectrum/network analyser combo tool are better off with the Analog Discovery.

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  1. Why does the image on their website show a heatsink on the FPGA and yours doesn’t have that heatsink? The clear poly case has a place for a fan. Is it possible that the intermittent freezing you were experiencing is a heat related one?

  2. Any idea what typical performance specs someone could expect to see (oscilloscope, function generator, etc)?

    Jack Ganssle reviewed a $50 50Mhz function generator, that I’ve been itching to buy but maybe the Red Pitaya could be a better generic tool… for example, I’d like to record an external low frequency (<30khz) digital signal, and have it playback on an I/O. The SDR application also seems great, but not sure if the HackRF course would work with it. However, based on this review, the Red Pitaya definitely doesn't seem to be ready or very usable out of the box.

    Also, I would think using matlab/simulink would be a better tool to learn with the RP instead of their Visual Programming tool… although, since Sigrok doesn't support the RP, maybe there's also some closed source issues. The Open source spirit should at least include the schematics!

    BTW, the Red Pitaya site can definitely be more user friendly.. I tried searching the forum but apparently you can't search unless you're registered?! Also, it's not entirely clear, what features are automatically included with the RP, versus what is only available as a paid upgrade (hardware or software?)

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