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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. My suggestion. Contact the company on the business card, Keysight. Ask a tech what it’s worth used. Ask what it costs to align. Ask them for a decent contact in sales.

    Then switch over to sales department. Offer it to them at 75% of the used price. Let them align it at cost. The sales person may resell it themselves, on the side, to one of their customers.

  2. Hello Dave, you are completely right with what you said about analogue oscilloscopes. You can learn a hell lot and it is just great equipment. Many thanks for the videos and giving us some insight 🙂 ..many regards Alex

  3. Hello Dave, I liked the 25 MHz Hameg giveaway with loose vernier knobs used as contact cleaner inlet better than the 20 Trillion Mega ops software monster 🙂 ..best regards ..

  4. A few dubious bits:
    (1) The scope was right on the top of the bin?
    (2) And it didn’t have a dented corner from being thrown into the bin? All the stuff I’ve rescued from the bin, it usually has a bashed in corner from being given an big heave-ho.
    (3) I have found Tek 531’s and Tek 545’s out on the loading dock. They were too heavy to heave into the bin. Both worked just fine. Never found anything worth over $2000 or so in the bin, although plenty of stuff near there.
    (4) Expensive items like the one you “found” tend to have several property tracking stickers on them so the accountants can do a yearly inventory of what hasn’t been stolen yet.
    (5) You seemed awfully familiar with the menus.

    Still, I’m awed by that scope. My fastest one is “only” 500MHz. What do you use, liquid-nitrogen cooled $5,000 probes on that thing?



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