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  • John Spry

    Had to laugh a bit at the ‘cotton vs. synthetic’ on the optics cleaning. The correct answer is, and I cannot state with enough emphasis, “NEITHER”. Whether it’s lenses, mirrors, prisms, diffraction grating, or what have you amongst high-precision optics, those in the bidness use polymer. You paint it on, let it dry, then peel it off for an atomically clean surface. Yes, it is pricey, (what is your time and equipment worth?) but a little goes a long way and cleaning gets done right the first time with zero risk of microscratches. And no residues or lint artifacts or greasy blobs. Many top-end opticals are delivered with this material in place, ready to be peeled off before first-use. I’m at home so I had to look up the company on the web rather than go to the stockroom to read the name from the bottle. Call your local university, they may have some that they will apply for you for a sawbuck or two. If they do not, buy a bottle or kit, use what you need and take the rest to the university. It’s always good to have a friend/contact on the inside. I have no commercial interest in this, I’m only an amazed user. Look it up yourself! Here’s the website: http://www.photoniccleaning.com

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