• EEVblog #1013 – Mailbag

    Monster 45min Mailbag!
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    The Current Source Channel
    Analog meters + VTVM’s + Dave’s first multimeter.
    Laser Cut Parts
    Images Of Silicon Valley BOOK
    Brady label maker teardown
    SushiBits M193v2 Arduino PCB
    2DW233 Voltage Reference Zener
    Fitbit Teardown
    i-Extruder Solder Paste Dispenser: https://www.i-extruder.com/en/
    University of Bristol UB20M Zero Power Standby chip
    Silego Reset IC

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      • Kevin Pettigrew

        I was curious after watching the latest Mailbag so i looked it up.

        Precision Apparatus Co. (Pacotronics); Brooklyn – Elmhurst – Glendale, NY

        • Ian Macdonald

          The Tandy analog meters were pretty good. I had a 50k/V passive type for years.
          There was actually a 100k/V passive type. Big advantage was you could use them to monitor stuff for intermittent faults without any battery to run flat.

          The Precision VTVM might be an interesting restore job, but hey, the mains wiring safety would have to be improved if it were to be actually used. That’s lethal even by 1950’s test gear standards!

      • Doubt if that Precision VTVM could be powered by battery. The battery was probably just the reference voltage for the ohms range.

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