EEVblog #1201 – Nobel Laureate in the EEVBlog Lab!

Surely the world’s only Nobel Laureate electronics hobbyist!
Dr Barry Marshall, winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Medicine visits the EEVblog lab to sniff some vintage gear and discuss his Nobel prize winning discovery and treatment for stomach ulcers.
Dr Marshall discovered that Helicobacter Pylori bacteria was responsible for stomach ulcers, and not stress!
Along with his love of vintage HP gear, early Intel processors and vintage Tek scopes!

12:50 Hobby background and S-100 and CPM computer history
13:50 Intel MCS-85 microcontroller
17:05 Nobel Prize money and taxes
19:48 Differences between Physiology and Medicine
21:00 Alfred Nobel
24:08 Bogus treatments for ulcers
25:10 The different Nobel prizes
26:00 Obama winning the Nobel peace prize
27:30 How is the Nobel prize judged?
30:35 Antibiotics
33:38 Why do people still die from stomach ulcers?
34:55 Finding out about winning the Nobel prize
39:50 Secrecy surrounding the nomination of the Nobel prize
42:41 Drinking bacteria


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