EEVblog #1278 – Mailbag

The mailbag dregs from 2019. Dave opens every remaining package on the shelf!


The Amp Hour:
1:40 Piggy MP3 Player Teardown
3:36 Sony Walkman & Grundig Cassette Player Teardowns
10:02 PCB Xmas Tree Card:
13:56 Zodiac language translator
18:10 Engineers PCB Ruler:
21:12 Mystery acrylic project case?
22:48 Nixie tube breadboard adapter:
23:50 Chris Gammell’s Defcon LeadedZepelin PCB Badge:
27:33 OpenDime Bitcoin Credit Stick Wallet Coldcard Hardware Wallet: And the dangers of crypto wallet supply chain attacks
36:29 Xeon CPU teardown
39:47 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
41:45 Tiny Toshiba hard drives
43:02 Dodgy LED Mains Light Bulb

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