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EEVblog 1478 – Waveform Update Rate Shootout – Tek 2 Series vs Others

Testing the new Tektronix 2 series waveform update rate vs older Keysight, Siglent, and Rigol scopes, and a glitch signal demonstration on how it matters in the real world. And also how to measure the waveform update rate on your scope. This is not a review, and was going to be a 2nd channel video, but people voted to have it on the main channel so here it is.

00:00 – How to measure oscilloscope waveform update rate
04:00 – An annoying feature? Setting the memory depth…
06:03 – It actually tells you on the screen!
11:11 – Comparison with the Keysight 1000X series
15:37 – Real world glitch testing
18:08 – Comparison with the Siglent SDS1104X-E
18:54 – Comparison with the Rigol DS2202


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