EEVblog 1506 – History of Electricity with Kathy Loves Physics

Talking about the history of electricity and physics with Kathy Joseph from Kathey Loves Physics, and her new book: The Lightning Tamers: True Stories of the Dreamers and Schemers Who Harnessed Electricity and Transformed Our World. Also talk about her youtube channel and script and book writing process.


The Lightning Tamers book:
YouTube Channel:
Go Fund Me (for Audio book):

00:00 – Kathy Loves Physics Youtube channel
04:34 – The Lightning Tamers Book
06:18 – Black Magic
08:28 – The Youtube comments and nutcases
11:09 – Learn engineering by studying history
12:12 – The process of writing the book
16:34 – Where is Maxwell?
20:34 – You’ve semi-written HOW MANY books?
26:40 – How long does it take to make one video?
30:03 – The book in more detail and the characters of electrical engineering.
33:49 – Who invented the term Electrician?
37:29 – Technical progress was slow back in early days of electricity. Systems vs People
42:08 – People feel like they know you
46:50 – Were they geniuses?
49:12 – The dielectric constant was a STUPID idea!
51:27 – Faraday gave a legendary talk because Wheatstone chickened out
54:28 – Maxwells equations
55:31 – Hertz passed on solving a problem
59:28 – Einstein
01:05:15 – The photoelectric effect was invented by Hertz
01:06:56 – One one talks about Philipp Lenard because…
01:11:57 – War of the Current movie. How accurate is it?
01:14:08 – Thoughts on Tesla
01:18:28 – Tesla vs Edison
01:24:28 – Tesla sucked at maths and had wacky theories
01:26:42 – The Tesla free energy nutters
01:28:20 – Veritasium and energy flowing outside wires
01:30:28 – The Ether
01:31:56 – Thomas Young and the double slit experiment
01:36:29 – Audio book version, publishers, and text books


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