EEVblog 1517 – Heat Pump Hot Water Install & Analysis

Installation of a Reclaim Heat Pump hot water system replacing a high efficiency gas tank hot water system. And anlysis of the results. Is a heat pump hot water system more efficient than a gas hot water system?


00:00 – The existing gas tank hot water system
03:11 – Thermal IR camera measurements
05:16 – Installation of the new Reclaim heat pump hot water tank
08:20 – The pipework and tempering valve explained
11:55 – Water temperature measurements
12:32 – Standby power consumption
13:11 – Analysis of results after 9 days
18:58 – What is the efficiency of a gas tank hot water system?
20:35 – Gas vs heat pump energy usage
21:17 – 9 days data
25:03 – Estimating the Coefficient of Performance (COP)
29:44 – Tank thermal statification

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