EEVblog 1524 – The 10 CENT RISC V Processor! CH32V003

Checking out the new 10 cent WCH CH32V003 48MHz RISC V processor demo board and the MounRiver Eclipse IDE. Getting to blinky. The CH32V003 is a pin-for-pin alternative to the STM8S003 at 1/3rd the price, with more features.

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http://www.wch-ic.com/products/CH32V003.html http://www.wch-ic.com/products/categories/47.html?pid=5 https://www.tindie.com/products/adz1122/ch32v003-risc-v-mcu-development-board/

00:00 – WCH CH32V003 RISC V Processor
02:01 – CH32V003F4P6 Eval board
03:00 – Pin-for-pin replacement for the ST STM8S003
04:30 – Datasheet and reference manual
05:24 – MounRiver Eclipse IDE
07:13 – It just worked
10:58 – Open Source GNU RISC V Cross Compiler
11:38 – Download and flash a LED, maybe…
13:51 – Save the file first, dummy.
15:26 – All the includes and headers
17:37 – But can you buy them?
18:11 – How fast can the pin toggle?

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