Dick Smith Kits

Dick Smith and I judged a display of vintage Tandy, Radio Shack, and Dick Smith kits and other vintage things at the Manly-Warringah Radio Society.

00:00 – Vintage kits on display
02:59 – Roger Hynes’s vintage receiver
05:40 – VK2BT Vintage Dick Smith kits
07:21 – Jim Rowe signal generator kit and Heathkit stuff
12:25 – VK2ZWD International 422 amplifier kit
16:19 – VK2EAH Hornet SSB CB radio
16:49 – EA Power Supply Kit
17:49 – DSE High Power Linear Amplifier kits and sailing story
20:51 – Gary Cratt VK2YBX and countless Dick Smith amateur radio kits he designed!
22:22 – Malcolm Faed VK2TMF Dick Smith Funway and Colin Mitchell’s Talking Electronics
24:06 – Gav The Mechatronics Guy KIM-1 6502 kit www.tinkerings.org
27:08 – Carmel VK2CAR Dick Smith advertising and vintage marketing artwork
34:41 – That time Dave tried to buy rights to the Dick Head!
39:39 – It took 55 years, but Dick Smith finally relents! (or has he won?)

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