EEVblog 1547 – Contacting the Voyager 2 Space Probe PART 1

How do you contact the Voyager 2 space probe? PART 1:

A detailed explanation by Richard Stephenson from the NASA Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex in Canberra on how the 70m DSS-43 dish at the CDSCC is used to still contact the Voyager 2 probe. You can follow Richard on Twitter:

NOTE: This video is a re-release from the EEVblog Discover channel from 2017, to hopefully find a new audience.

Forum: 00:00 – How do you contact the Voyager 2 space probe?
03:14 – Voyager ISN’T the lowest signal level!
06:29 – The Failed Capacitor and the Best Lock Frequency
09:00 – Transmit uplink power
10:00 – System noise temperature
10:30 – S and X band receivers
11:42 – Mars Reconnaissance Ordbiter and the Signal to Noise Ratio
12:39 – Maximum Transmit power is WHAT?
13:12 – The effects of weather
14:16 – Power supply and backups
15:29 – The roll of the Deep Space Network
16:50 – Mag Roll Calibration

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