EEVacademy | Digital Design Series Part 5 – Karnaugh Maps

Digital logic circuit simplification using Karnaugh Maps. How to use a visual method to solve boolean algebraic equations and truth tables.

Part 5 of the digital logic design tutorial series.
00:00 – Part 5 of the digital logic design tutorial series
02:15 – Solving a logic truth table algebraically
04:17 – Verification of result By Inspection
06:27 – Maurice Karnaugh and drawing Karnaugh Maps
07:44 – The magic of Gray Code
08:51 – Mapping from Truth Table to Karnaugh Map
10:20 – The RULES for grouping 1’s
14:21 – Solving the Karnaugh Map usign Sum of Products
17:19 – 4×4 Karnaugh Map
20:06 – There is more than one solution
22:23 – Another example with overlapping groups

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