The Batteriser Explained

I have a 40 minute video on the recent media claims about the Batteriser, a device that claims up to 800% improvement in battery life with primary Alkaline batteries. Many people have asked for a much shorter explanation of the claims, so here we go, for those who can’t afford ...

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Anatomy of an Ebay Scam

So I get an Ebay email alert for something on my watch list. An item that rarely comes up, I was excited!, but then comes SCAM SIGN #1: The seller has zero feedback. Then comes SCAM SIGN #2: The seller is in Mexico. Not to offend any Mexians of course, ...

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How Google Plus Screws Youtube Comments

I’m a full time Youtube content producer, and I like responding to comments, it’s a way for me to directly interact with my audience. It’s an important thing for a content producer to be able to do. Nay, essential. To say thanks, answer a question, respond to criticism, correct something, ...

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Australian Crowd Source Equity Funding Report

I have been made aware of this Australian government requested report on crowd sourced equity funding, and associated suggested legislative framework to promote it. Original DOC file is HERE PDF version HERE I have not digested the 244 pages of it yet!

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So Who Is Altium Buying?

Today came the news from the ASX that Altium shares have been put on a voluntary trading halt: “Pending an announcement by Altium in relation to a proposed capital raising by institutional investors” Now, this is very interesting indeed for several reasons: Altium have not taken investment since they originally ...

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