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EEVblog 1450- $99 Fluke Combiscope Ebay SCORE

A $99 Fluke PM3370B Combiscope score from Ebay! Will it work? Unboxing video: https://odysee.com/@eevblog:7/2022-01-18-FlukeScopeUnboxing:f 00:00 – Fluke Combiscope Ebay Score 03:26 – Will it work? 05:32 – WTF was THAT?! 10:25 – Teardown 15:48 – Unusual ASIC Bypassing! 17:11 – Dodge of the day AWARD WINNER! Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1450-$99-fluke-combiscope-ebay-score/

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EEVblog #1248 – INSANE! A 0.02% Process Meter for $9? WTF!

Dave found this crazy bargain of the century no-name $9 0.02% class multifuction process calibrator on Aliexpress. Is it any good? Actually, it’s an AIMOmeter AMPX1 that sells for over $200 on ebay, so what gives? How can they possibly manufacture and sell a 0.02% class device for under ten …

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EEVblog #1190 – Mailbag Review Bonanza

A look at three major products in this lengthy Mailbag. SPOILERS: LabJack T7-Pro Multifunction DAQ with WiFi, Ethernet, and USB 15:56 Balena Fin Raspberry Pi Compute module industrial computer 29:29 Dodgy truck LED tailight assembly 38:00 Joulescope: Precision DC Energy Analyzer Kickstarter With lengthy discussion on current measurement autoranging. Forum …

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