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EEVblog 1498 – TransPod Fluxjet Hyperloop $550M Boondoggle!

The Transpod FluxJet is Hyperloop based on the “New physics” of “Veillance Flux”! And plasma arc power transfer! $550M to create a reduced pressure Fluxjet link from Calgary to Edmonton in Canada. It’ll only cost $18B, what a bargain! And Sydney to Brisbane? Err, yeah, ok, let’s look at that… ...

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EEVblog 1495 – Quaze Wireless Power (AGAIN!) but for GAMING!

Yes, wireless power is BACK! And this time they are targetting gaming rigs. Quaze want to power gaming rigs up to 500W with 15MHz resonant RF wireless desktop power. Let’s take a look! How much is marketing hype? Place your bets now… Youtube: Odysee: Demo video: Focus Demo ...

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EEVblog 1480 – Lightyear Zero Solar Powered Electric Car

Are solar powered electric cars viable? Let’s look at the Lightyear Zero solar powered electric car and examine the claims. Can you get a useless extended range by adding solar panels to an electric car? Dave just so happens to drive a solar powered electric car, so let’s find out! ...

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EEVblog 1467 – Stanford Solar Power at Nightime! BUSTED

Stanford University researchers have made a solar panel that works at nighttime! It will reduce or eliminate the need for battery storage! TAKE THAT Big Oil! You can probably guess how it works… Let’s BUST this impractical boondoggle wide open. The research paper: Forum: 00:00 – Pulitzer prize ...

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EEVblog 1454 – Water from Air AGAIN! – The Kara Pure

Another Indiegogo marketing takedown. Kara Pure raised $1M for a water-from-air dessicant dehumidifier that costs US$1800 uses a $20 alkaline mineral filter to give you tasty filtered water for the cost only 14kWh/day in energy, at best. So dumb it hurts. Forum: Podcast: Download

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