Debunking dodgy products and ideas!

eevBLAB #82 – Kickstarter Over-unity Gravitational Power Generator!

Two Japanese guys have been working for 30 years on a “Gavitational Power Generator” over-unity machine that produces 30-100 times the input energy. The Japanese Patent office disagrees in an hilarious Kickstarter own-goal! Forum:!/

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EEVblog #1333 – Nano Diamond Self-Charging Battery DEBUNKED!

Dave debunks the marketing claims of self-charging Nano Diamond Batteries in the first 10 minutes using their own material. The rest of the video is cream on top. NDB Inc supposedly have a nuclear nano diamond self-charging battery that will revolutionise the energy industry and power electric vehicle and mobile ...

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EEVblog #1321 – SunPlower – DUMBEST IDEA Since Solar Roadways!

The SunPlower is supposed to be able to power mobile phone towers, propel boats and submarines, and fly you around in an Air-Taxi! Let’s turn flat solar panels into wind turbine blades! The laws of physics and engineering might have a lot to say about that… Subscribe on Library: ...

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EEVblog #1310 – 5G USB BioShield SCAM!

The 5G USB BioShield is an obvious SCAM. Please share this this video with Facebook groups and other places where you see this scam advertised. 2nd part of the video coming soon on my 2nd channel. A look at the 5G BioShield, a USB stick with magical powers that can ...

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EEVblog #1290 – Hapbee: Anatomy of a Snake Oil Product

The Hapbee has raised half a million dollars on Indiegogo, it’s magic woo woo that can make you feel different things from weak arse magnetic fields. Let’s go down the rabbit hole of who’s behind this and why… Oh, and let’s cure cancer too! Subscribe on LBRY:$/invite/@eevblog:7 The Signal ...

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