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EEVblog 1614 – Circuit Design TIP: Crystal Oscillators

You can easily replace any chip crystal circuit with a dedicated external crystal oscillator. Reducing your BOM count, and making your design easier, smaller, and potentially more robust. Cyber City Circuits: Forum: Podcast (podcast2): Download

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EEVblog 1599 – TOP 5 Jellybean Bipolar Transistors

The TOP 5 Jellybean Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT) 00:00 – What is a Jellybean Component? 01:30 – Low Power BJT: 2N3904 / 3906, SMD Marking 1A 06:49 – 2N2222 08:52 – BC547 fanboys 09:28 – Medium Power BJT: FMMT617-619 / 717-719 12:27 – SS8050 / 8550 15:08 – High Power …

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EEVblog 1561 – µSupply USB Power Supply – Part 21

Part 21 of the uSupply USB power supply design. An update on where the project got to and why. A look at the working unit, PCB and schematic. Design series Playlist: Forum: Podcast: Download

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EEVblog 1539 – NEW PROJECT Part 3 – STM32L vs PIC24F

Which microcontroller is better for the new project, the ST ARM STM32L or the Microchip PIC24F. Datasheet power consumption comparisons. All may not be as it appears… Part 3 of the new project series. If you find my videos useful you may consider supporting the EEVblog on Patreon Forum: …

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