Hacking & Experiments

Hacking and other various miscellaneous experiments.

EEVblog 1494 – FIVE ways to open a CHEAP SAFE!

FIVE different easy methods to crack into a cheap Sandleford safe found in the dumpster, WITHOUT using physical force. Including a bonus 6th method that doesn’t work on this one. Don’t buy cheap hardware store safes, they are garbage! Also advice on what to look for in a good quality ...

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EEVblog 1455 – Capacitors Produce Current During Reflow Soldering! WTF!

Electrolytic capacitors produce current when they are reflow soldered! Enough to possibly light up a high efficiency LED. What is going on? A initial investigation with experiments and measurements. https://twitter.com/GregDavill/status/1491235709071818752 00:00 – WTF? 01:42 – Practical experiment heating up an electrolytic capacitor 07:37 – Data logging 09:55 – Analysing the ...

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EEVblog 1442 – DON’T DO THIS!

An innocent TO-220 regulator gets tortured using a mystery device from the bunker. The art of environmental PCB testing. 00:00 – What is this thing? 01:00 – I used to use these all the time 02:40 – Electrodynamic Shaker 03:56 – How PCB’s are vibration tested 07:00 – Teardown 08:10 ...

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EEVblog 1380 – BBQ IBM Chips

It’s an aussie barbie with fried IBM chips. Ken Shirriff’s blog: https://www.righto.com/ Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1380-bbq-ibm-chips/ Podcast: Download

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