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EEVblog 1462 – Dymo Label DRM SUCKS!

Don’t buy the new Dymo 550 or 5XL label printers, they now use DRM NFC/RFID technology in the paper rolls to force you into using their labels at 10 TIMES the cost! EFF: NXP NFC chip: RFID/NFC frontend: Forum: Photos: Podcast: Download

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EEVblog 1413 – Oscilloscope Current Probe TEARDOWN + DEMO

Teardown and measurements with the Micsig CP2100B 2.5MHz oscilloscope current probe. Also a demonstration of mains switch mode power supply current and noise measurement, and also some performance tests. Use the coupon code FLUX for 15% off! And paying with crypto gets you a further discount on top of that! ...

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EEVblog 1378 – NEW Uni-T UT61E+ Multimeter – Still bang-per-buck king?

Is the new Uni-T UT61E+ Multimeter still the bang-per-buck king the existing UT61-E was? How does it compare? Is the increased cost worth it? And what about the ANENG AM870 at half the price? Flickr photos: Forum: Podcast: Download

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