Teardown Tuesday & other teardowns

EEVblog #1182 – Mains Interference Simulator Teardown

A look inside a Swiss made Schaffner NSG200E Mains Interference Simulator after it released the magic smoke. A very unusual bit of kit that tests products for mains line interference like lightning strikes, transients, and dropouts. May involve alien crop circles. Forum HERE Podcast: Download

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EEVblog #1174 – Rohde & Schwarz PSU Teardowns

Teardowns of the Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040, HMP2020, and NGE103 programmable lab power supplies. Comparisons with other brand PSU’s: There are some comparisons with other brand PSUs https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/brochure-datasheet/hmp/ https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/au/product/hmp4000-productstartpage_63493-47360.html https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/au/product/nge100-productstartpage_63493-387267.html Forum HERE Podcast: Download

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