Teardown Tuesday & other teardowns

EEVblog 1500 – How an AC Automatic Transfer Switch Works

Automatic AC transfer switches are pretty cool devices. A look at what they do, a practical demo, teardown, and then reverse engineering to explain how it does it. Bonus look at how my automated home battery backup system will work. 00:00 – Automatic AC Transfer switch 02:05 – How I’m ...

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EEVblog 1489 – Mystery Teardown!

Teardown of a bizarre looking Banshee 343 Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Thumbs up this video and pinned comment if you want to see a countdown timer refit project! Datasheet: https://www.instrumart.com/assets/Net-Safety-Banshee343-datasheet.pdf Manual: https://www.instrumart.com/assets/Net-Safety-Banshee343-manual.pdf Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1489-mystery-teardown/ Youtube: Odysee:

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