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Thanks for the pointer

How much is a measurement artefact and how much is the signal must be a recurring issue with analogue, I guess.

Have just checked the original photo - 50ns per division

looks like a good excuse to do a calculation

and of course ringing goes away with a bnc-to-bnc cable

...and you've learned a valuable lesson on the detrimental effects of test lead (and ground lead) inductance. 

This video has some additional detail and examples:

yes, I kinda knew the good  and poor probe techniques before and I kinda knew that equipment doesn't always produce great square waves. Definitely a learning point in the degree of those two, for me.

LOTO instruments:
Thumbs up!

Hello everyone,
I am into robotics and electronics from quiet a while and I am going to buy an oscilloscope. I have a question that is I do mostly robotics using arduino and raspberry Pi and electronics project like fm and some other projects and I am also intersed in making my own microcontroller board so which scope should I buy.
A two channel Or a four channel. I have one model in my mind. The siglent sds1052dl+(500msps). Will this be enough for me.
And in general what's the lifespan of an dso


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