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Voltage Output 2V to 5V with 5K pot with 3.5V output in the middle

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I'm trying to design a circuit to control hydraulic valve that requires voltage (not the common PWM found in most other hydraulic valves) to control.
I have joystick with 5K pot that would like to utilize for this project.
The valve will stay in the centre (neutral) at 3.5V and swings of 1.5 volt up or down will make it open in the appropriate direction. I'm not sure what is the current draw requirement, but i thin 1A will be sufficient. So in brief:
2V max open one way
3.5V neutral position
5V max open the other way
My initial idea was to do the with LM317 adjustable regulator control, but I'm ready to aboundon it as can't make the resistors values to adjust the output as per the valve requirements with the 2.5V output being provided when the wiper is in the middle 2.5K on each side

Any ideas how or what schematic can meet the above requirements?


File > Make A Copy and change the VIn as you desire.

Havn't used this in years so you might want to check the calculations. (Checked, they look ok to me).


get 1 of two more pots on either side, and adjust. did you try that?

John B:
A 5k pot in series with a 3.33k resistor will give a range of 2-5V if powered with a 5V reference. It would be a good idea to then buffer the output voltage with an opamp.

Edit: Err, with that output current requirement, I would probably feed that reference voltage into a switchmode controller to then provide the desired output voltage.

What's the supply voltage?


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