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F35 jet has crashed into the sea...why?

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Anybody know why this £100 million pound F35 jet went down?...
Thank goodness the pilot is in good health.

The Western world has outsourced most of its “general electronics” out to the Far East now.
Does anyone suppose that the general level of electronics ability throughout the West may have suffered because of this? Might  this lack of ability have in some way  had some contribution to the technical fault on the F35?

This is not to criticise people who trade as middle men with China. After all, if your government legalises making pots of money so easily, then who can blame those who simply line up to pocket the money. The  profits  are certainly not heavily taxed either.

This is most definetely not anti the Chinese or the Chinese people. The Chinese , are an  upstanding, decent race of people, hardworking and community minded towards others and each other. They have become “1st world” without invading or enslaving. Being hard working and diligent, they have simply serviced product orders which have been placed with them by the West.


--- Quote from: Faringdon on November 18, 2021, 05:55:17 pm ---Anybody know why this £100 million pound F35 jet went down?...
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Because they are shitty airplanes. The entire program should have been canceled ages ago, but our department of defense apparently has never heard of the "sunk cost fallacy."

Since it's under investigation and it's not civil aviation, I doubt anyone can answer your question here at this point. Not even sure the general public will ever know?

As to the overall F35 program, yes it's been highly controversial. But nobody knows here if the intrinisic qualities or lack thereof of this plane have anything to do with this crash. That I know of.

I bet this jet did exactly what the military never let anyone do, that is change too many systems at the same time in an attempt to streamline the design and reduce cost.

Back when this tech was considered amazing, they would not care about making a larger plane as to mix older parts with newer parts in the areas they did not feel confident about, but because of the radar size issue and the strong unverified reliability assurance claims that have been the norm in an attempt to greenlight fast progress..

I think its kind of like if we got rid of desktops and laptops in the computer world (which are a metric for reliability) and just went pure cell phone electronics to reduce size.

When you follow the F35 program, the kind of problems that were being investigated, reminded me more of a failed smartphone/videogame release then a standard military program. Then of course when you realize what is going on you jump back to the latest 'reasonable' design, the F15. Kind of like saying 'fuck working on this tablet, time to go install this on a desk top'. We have all probobly gone away from shady 'hot and popular' hardware like circa 2010 mini-laptops because of various faults that made is unpleasant to use.

I recall the tech trends prediction people were making some really fantastic claims about substandard hardware back 10 years ago, and the majority of people I know ended up seeing things as a 'fad' rather then the future.

How many technology platforms have been considered "product killers", "game changers", and so forth.. that ended up being geek connivance items with a high upkeep/skill requirement. This kind of shit was touted to turn your grandma into 7of9 when you bought it lol. I call it ultra aggressive marketing of miniaturization.

And when you have a lab you realize that having a old computer that easily interfaces with stuff is acceptable, reasonable, cost efficient and thee is little reason to try to aggressively eliminate them. Slowly you end up getting good community made interface patches that let you move through forward through the technological timeline.. but this is more like a luxury then a priority. You got lucky when you managed to put a SSD inside of a old scope.. its not a requirement.


--- Quote from: Faringdon on November 18, 2021, 05:55:17 pm ---Anybody know why this £100 million pound F35 jet went down?...

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No, because not one person on this forum is in a position to.

That said, my bet is on pilot error, not your continual focus on foreign electronics.


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