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DIY Microscope ring light for Meiji EMF-1
« on: October 29, 2016, 11:34:54 pm »
I recently bought a very inexpensive used Meiji EMF-1 microscope for use with SMD soldering and board inspection.  The microscope has a fixed 1X objective with a non-standard M45 threaded protective neutral filter.  It initially came with some LED illumination but they cast too much shadow for my needs.  I required a flatter lightening so I sought a LED ring light.  After having no success finding an aftermarket solution that could adapt to the microscope, I came up with this solution.

I have a LED angel eye lying around from purchasing an HID to use on my motorcycle (but never did get it converted over from halogen to HID).  I bought a standard electrical box cover, drilled a 1-3/4" hole into the centre of the plate and used a Dremel to enlarge the hole to have a clearance fit over the threads of the protective filter.  Using double-sided tape, I attached the angel eye LED ring to the electrical plate and mounted the assembly to the microscope by sandwiching the plate between the filter and microscope.

The result was very good.  It provides an even flat lighting that can be adjusted using a PWM dimmer.  My outlay was very low cost and meets my needs.

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