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Fly swatter ham radio transmitter

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Homemade detector from a glass fuse, two brass inserts and a slurry of ??? metal.  The grill starter will trigger it from across the lab with no antenna but my transmitter, with a clip lead attached, sitting next to it, will not trigger it. 

Housing for the aerial current and reflected power meters.   

Left is a supply from an old air filter.  Takes DC in and outputs about 6kVDC.  The rectifier is internal to the white blob.   

Center one of those low cost HV transformers and MOSFET to drive it from and external signal generator.  The problem with this is the output power is very limited.   

Right is the flyswatter power supply.  Was 2kV DC.  Transformer is a kV with doubler.  Output cap removed and replaced transistor to allow operation at higher voltages.  Very limited power available and I want to drive the spark gap with a variable frequency. 

Leaning towards the car ignition coil.   Idea again is not to produce lots of noise and wipe out all of my neighbor's AM broadcast reception.   Maybe a small motorcycle coil would be a better choice.   

Using a car ignition coil to power the latest transmitter.  Using my new Tecsun PL-990 portable receiver to determine how far we are transmitting.   Also shown is a demonstration of the home made cohere.   

Old movie showing using an X-ray machine as a transmitter to signal for help.  In the movies, it messes with every radio broadcast.  It's Hollywood.. 


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