If you made it here then it means you have donated some money to the goal of making the blog my full time business – MUCH APPRECIATED!

It really is crucial that I can demonstrate a regular income from the blog, and if that happens then I really can do this full time and generate more and better content.
At present the advertising and other stuff accounts for just under half of a reasonable paying job, so donations are vital to making this happen.
It also means I shouldn’t have to resort to relying on any corporate overloads, which is probably the only other alternative to making this a full time gig. I think I’d rather go back to work in that case…

It also helps the community in general I think, helping to encourage those that spend their time producing content.
If people see me turn it into a full time living, I hope others will follow suit.
Imagine a community of content producers entirely funded by it’s own members, without input or influence from big business, that would be awesome!

Normally I’d send a thank you email to all donations individually, but they are now (thankfully!) coming in at rate where I have trouble doing, so please let this be the personal thanks!

Dave (and better half Nicole)