• EEVblog #70 – Turn your Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope into a 100MHz DS1102E (Hack)

    The ingenious EEVblog viewers have finally cracked the Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope. All you need is a serial port cable and you can turn your 50MHz DS1052E into the 100MHz DS1102E.
    Dave shows you step-by-step how easy it is, and that it does actually work.

    Rigol caught with their pants down AGAIN!

    NOTE: There have been a couple of reports of units failing when this mod is attempted. The cause is unknown at this stage, but the exact sequence of serial commands keys appears to be IMPORTANT. You CAN’T hit backspace or ENTER etc, follow the instructions precisely, key-by-key. The vast majority have had success though.
    As with all hacks, do this mod at your own risk.

    UPDATE: This mod no longer works with firmware 2.04 and above. You have to downgrade the firmware first. See the UPDATE VIDEO.

    Buy the Rigol DS1052E cheap:

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      • Kevin C.

        Rigol has a DS815 Spectrum analyzer and a DS815-TG model. I wonder what the differences are between these two units. It would be fun to see a software (or simple hardware hack) to turn an DS815 in to an DS815-TG.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it wouldn’t be possible since the addition of a tracking generator to a spectrum analyzer would add more circuitry so extra hardware would be required. I’d love to see a tear down of either (or both) of the Rigol SA’s.

        • Kevin C.

          In my previous comment I meant to say DSA815 and not DS815. I’m slowly going through all the backlog of Dave’s videos and see there is a DSA815 teardown. Now we need the teardown of the DSA815-TG model for comparison.

        • videobruce

          TG stands for tracking generator. It’s a $200 option.
          Really foolish if you don’t get it.

          TG’s are normally $1k to $2k extra in full feature scopes.

      • roknnagd

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      • roknnagd

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      • What a great hack. Thanks for sharing this.


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