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  • How To bring Your Project From Idea To Reality

    Posted on August 26th, 2010 EEVblog 4 comments

    Another fantastic talk by Mitch Altman about how to bring your project idea from concept to reality. he uses his example of TV-B-GONE.
    It was recorded at one of the HOPE conferences, and I originally heard it HERE, but it now seems to be missing.
    So I have found the file and hosted on my server, if anyone minds please let me know.
    The original source is HERE.

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    • Anthony

      Yes Dave thank you for linking to this… when I saw your earlier posting about the top 5 tips to bring your product to market, it immediately reminded me of Mitch’s talk. You guys both did an excellent job covering good information. Thanks again!

    • George Graves

      Anyone thinking of getting into “micro-manufacturing” should watch this. Mitch has a lot of good insight to share I just wish his talks were longer.

      Here the video of the talk (may not be the exact conference – but it’s the same presentation)

      • EEVblog

        Nice find. Doesn’t seem to play at my end at the moment though :(

    • teófilo

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