• uCurrent Request List

    The latest batch of uCurrent’s has sold out again!
    If you missed out, this time I have a list you can sign up to register to get one:
    This doesn’t guarantee you anything, but I will base the next batch number on how many sign up to this list, so there should be enough for everyone next time. And you’ll get an email notification when they are available.
    Sign up here:

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      • Jon

        Dare I ask the question — Why not just presell them? I am certain many people would happy pay now and it would at the same time alleviate the need to float the cash until they’re ordered, made, and sold.

        • Two reasons:
          1) I don’t like taking people’s money before i have something to ship.
          2) You end up with people keep emailing you all the time for updates etc (if you don’t think they don’t, then you haven’t been in the mail order business!).

          • Jon

            Out of curiosity what’s the lead time from you placing an order with your supplier / manufacturer to receiving the product? Is it predictable?

            If so you would be able to post a date when the next batch will be available so that way when a person orders a device / kit they will already know when it should ship out to them.

            I of course would pad the date. Everybody loves getting stuff early. It’s always a pleasant surprise however nobody likes getting things late hence the padding.

            As for the taking peoples money before you have something to deliver. That’s something you have to work out on your own. I can think of many examples of businesses doing it both ways and for entirely legitimate reasons.

            If you really don’t feel comfortable with it you can put it into an escrow account rather than using it to pay for the next (or current) order.

            I just see a classic supply and demand problem. It’s obvious there’s more than enough demand since you seem to sell out within minutes to hours with each order. Supply seems to be the issue and I’d rather see you make more money. I’m somewhat surprised their isn’t a secondary market already for the uCurrent devices given the demand.

            Just my two bits worth. Take it for what it’s worth.

          • Iurie

            Hi Dave!
            I agree with Jon:
            1. Observe Kickstarter – they just plan everything and then they name the price
            2. As about the updates, there will be a web page dedicated to that particular project, where you will update on the status of the project. This way, no emails are necessary.
            – P.S. Thank you for the great videos!

      • Marius Jonsson


        I really want one. It’d be great buy one + two kits of the new power supply series when it is out. But I’d like to save on shipping by ordering them all together.

        Do you think I should sign the list or wait till the power supply kit comes available?

        Thanks 🙂


        • Entirely up to you.
          But if you are US based, you’ll get hit with the $9 US “security” surcharge due to the combined weight.
          Realistically, the PSU kit is some way off. First proto isn’t assembled yet.

      • bill

        hi, tried reistering on the eevblog forum twice.the activation email never arrives ???

        • Do you have another email address you can try registering with?

          • bill

            yep tried that .no activation email comes.tried to sign in with the forgot password option.that dont work.it goes round and round in a loop.when i try registering with the same email account it comes back with another member is using that email address but hasn’t activated it…meh

            • Works for me and everyone else? Sorry, no idea.

        • Send me an email, don’t post here. What is your username and registered email?

      • Urb anwriter

        I made the registration no problem, phew! And, having been beat 3 times now when uCurrents were available I’ll have my credit card with me at all times.

        Please, oh, please.

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      • Rutger

        Could you not sell the kit as a kit? (Assembly required!), with assembly & testing instructions included.

        • No. I used to sell the kit and it was a pain (and most people didn’t want it anyway). Cutting individual resistor from the tape etc – messy.

      • your videos are great, you have a good style that helps me absorb your knowledge. thanks for helping me educate myself on the cheap.

      • dsfdsfdj

        Why don’t you ever use the uCurrent as a practical tool in your videos?

        You use multimeters a lot, but never with the uCurrent, as far as I can see. How useful a tool is it, really, if its own creator (who is presumably part of the target market) doesn’t find much use for it himself?

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