• EEVblog #321 – Google Nexus 7 Tablet Teardown

    Teardown Tuesday
    What’s inside Google’s new 7″ Nexus 7 Tablet? Dave’s does a teardown to find out.

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      • Pablo

        I think the square hole is for a missing “main/back camera” which they decided not to include… and leave only the front facing low res camera

      • meeee

        On android devices to do a factory reset you hold down power and volume down when powering up. Presumably that’s why it’s labeled “reset.”

      • No

        NFC can read RFID

      • Chris

        Free-fall detection is good for parking the heads on hard drives so they don’t get damaged when the impact happens. Not that the Nexus 7 has a hard drive in it

      • Worf

        Well, that bites.

        My Nexus 7, preordered STILL HASN’T ARRIVED YET. And Dave had his long enough to tear it down.

        Not to mention, if I hadn’t preordered, I could’ve walked into the store and BOUGHT ONE IMMEDIATELY, saving $20 in shipping. Or ordered it online with FREE SHIPPING.

        And I would’ve had it already.

        So let’s see, I preorder it, get it later, and paid more. Let that be a lesson to you – if it’s sold by Google, don’t bother preordering – you’ll find it cheaper and quicker in the store. Every other store around treats their preorderers with more respect.


        • Bummer. My mate Rog who is in the review video pre-ordered his and got it ages before me.

      • Goophy69

        Looks like the copper foil on top of the Nvidia chip is also used as a heatsink, nice idea. So besure to push it back firmly or you’d have a free handy egg cooker LOL

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      • GR

        I agree with Pablo — that looks like a place where a rear-facing camera could be mounted. Dave, is there any circuitry adjacent to it that might lend itself to driving a camera?

      • lol

        You don’t have to read info about each freaking chip! All you have to say is “this is the wifi/bluetooth module”. What else is there to say that anyone cares about? Also your speech inflection left me visibly disturbed. “monotonemonotonemontoneSCREEEEEEECH!

        • Yes, I do. This is an electronics blog after all. You seemed to have stumbled upon the wrong blog…

        • Anatol

          Chips are spice of the world. Try different blog with reviews for housewifes

          • stacey

            I’m a housewife, jerk. Don’t be such a dinosaur.

        • Mike

          In reply to lol who is diss’ing the eevblog about the nexus teardown…. go find something you’re interested in rather making ridiculous comments that help no-one. If you don’t like Dave’s way of doing things, then go elsewhere. I won’t miss you.

      • Ryan

        That mysterious hole in the side looks a fair bit like the microphone hole on my HTC Android phone.

      • spunge

        What triggers the smart covers/cases to turn the device on/off? Is there a magnet in the device that completetes a circuit or something? Plz use general terms, I’m no guru whatsoever 🙂 I’m just curious..

      • Alcosmurf

        The magnet sensor for the trigger is on the lower left hand side of the device. Almost on top of the 4 random gold connectors on the side.

        Has anyone worked out what those 4 connectors are for? In the Vid you mentioned there was no power on any of them, could this be related to the magnet sensor somehow, like for a special case they haven’t yet released?

        • Hansraj

          4 random gold connectors are for connect to google nexus with stand which helps to charge the nexus 7 also. u can check with the link “http://www.gearzap.com/google-nexus-7-case-compatible-desktop-sync-and-charge-cradle.html”

      • JohnW

        Very good review and teardown report. Of course everyone probably knows by now that the latest version of the Nexus 7 has both front- and rear-facing cameras. Why they left the front camera off the original is anybody’s guess–probably so they could introduce the product at a rock-bottom price point. Dumb idea if you ask me. I would NEVER buy a tablet without the front-facing camera.

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