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    EEVblog #1040 – Caesium Beam Frequency Standards

    A look at the Caesium beam time and frequency standards at the Keysight standards lab ...

    • Kevin Groce

      What in the world are you going to do with the items you tear down?

      • Kevin Groce

        Might make a neat hacked display?

    • David

      What’s different about this new Kindle is – No Audio Capability At All. Fail….

      • JRR

        I’ve owned 4 different eink readers now, 2 of them had audio. I’ve never used it and I can’t imagine why I would want to.

        I currently use an Android tablet for reading, which also has audio capability, which I use, but not while reading. Too distracting.

        • I’ve only used the audio for books a few times. No huge loss for me.

    • Eric

      The “power on with a screwdriver” part around 16:00 might be a magnetic switch. Is your screwdriver magnetic? If Amazon were to release a case that had a small magnet at that point, the Kindle would automatically turn on after you open the case.

      • Yes, it’s a magnetic sensor.

    • f4eru

      the controlled impedance trace is a 50 ohm trace feeding the antenna (that you can see in the zone nearby lacking copper planes.) the antenna ia in the inner layers.

      another antenna is on the left side of the board, probably GSM, while the first one is WLAN

      • f4eru

        The zero ohm jumpers on the feeding line are spare for matchin trimming components if the antenna is not exactly at 50ohm +0j

        The complete shielding is done so the EMC does not jam the WLAN, i wonder that the LED driver is not shielded, perhaps it’s spread spectrum ?

    • I came on here, to tell you to sell me a “spudger” set. Apparently spudger is a real world, its on Amazon.

    • mfb

      Dave I’ve heard you say several times that the camera gets in your way, would a mirror help? (perhaps duct tape to metal hangers prototype):)

      camera on shelf
      i DAVE

      Keep up the good work

      • mfb

        that was way cooler with the txt formatted.

    • Jay

      I would like mobile electronics a lot more if they ran off of AAA batteries. Then I could use low self discharge NiMHs and use the product for many years.

      There is a lot of nifty new tech in the product, but all through the video, I kept thinking “planned obsolescence”, and that the true price of a Kindle is really price _per_year_ because eventually, the battery won’t hold a charge, then you have to see if you can replace it, or you buy a new Kindle.

      I don’t understand the battery, and I wish you talked more about it. Even if it is easy to replace and not too expensive (or is it?), you still have to open the device with with the spudger every time, which after so many battery replacements, just messes it up.

      Maybe all of it’s RoHS-ness will find itself in a heap of burning “recycled” electronics in China or Africa in a few years, just because the battery wore out and the owner learned it was less expensive to buy a new one than to have the battery replaced.

      I’ve been feeling somewhat nasty lately. Can you tell? 🙂

    • Why is there always a crackle on the audio?

      It seems to be in the background.

      No not my speakers as they seem fine on other audio files.

      Hmm I think I need to buy another kindle


    • mcscrufff

      I want to try transferring the Kindle 3G Keyboard’s unrestricted 3G SIM card into a Kindle Paperwhite so that I can do unrestricted web-browsing with it. This is very handy whilst travelling in foreign countries.

      Does anyone know whether those unpopulated footprints at 21m13s of the video are really for the 3G SIM & 3G wireless card??

      Another web-site seems to be suggesting that there is **NO** SIM card used in the Paperwhite – see:
      http://theinformr.com/tablets/kindle-paperwhite-3g/specs/ .

      Or perhaps this just means that the user can’t put his **OWN** SIM card in.

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