• Contextual Electronics – Learn Practical Electronics

    Ever wanted to learn practical electronics in a structured hands-on online course?
    My AmpHour radio show co-host Chris Gammell has an excellent new 10 week electronics course called Contextual Electronics starting TODAY!
    Course prices are HERE, and there are various levels of how you can participate.
    You can do the course on your own, or alongside a community of others where you can engage and get help from each other as you design and build a practical device you get to keep. Hundreds of others have already signed up.
    Do yourself a favour and check it out.

    HURRY! The community aspect of the course closes registration today at 5:00 am GMT

    Disclaimer: I do get a commission if you sign up through my link, so that’s helps out both Chris and I continue to provide quality content.

    And of course, you do listen to the world’s #1 electronics radio show, right?

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      • tchicago

        After careful consideration…. … .. … . Signed up. KiCad is far from obvious, Eagle gives me allergy and Altium is not affordable. So I’m hoping this will help me getting on track with KiCad, end-to-end. Thanks Dave!

        • I can help with that allergy if you’d like to give EAGLE another shot.

          Jorge Garcia
          Cadsoft Support

      • Paul

        I would , however the site won’t let me log in, I have the user name and password both written down, but it refuses to let me log on !!!!!!!1

      • MarkR

        I was getting an access denied error yesterday, and now the price has gone up… So that was the end of that.

        • Paul

          Yes I agree, price is a bit to high now so that’s it for me too , times are hard enough.

      • You tutorials are always informative but the price for courses is a bit too high

      • Kompost

        I also think that the prices are too steep. 300$ for access to community (so you can talk to other hobbyists with disposable income?) and an option to download movies hosted on vimeo? I’ll pass.

      • dentaku

        I followed this when it started and I never was able to get an idea of exactly what it is that he was planning to accomplish.

        • Paul

          With the prices that’s simple “Rich”

      • David Franzkoch

        I just booked into the lowest tier (for access to the videos only). Was surprised to see that I got a 25% discount automatically. If you think about how much time Chris has to invest to produce all the content, 75$ ist not all that much. At the very least I’m hoping to get a nice, in-depth set of video tutorials in consistent quality (which is hard to find for free because producing that sort of stuff takes tons of time). I’m quite confident that Chris is capable of delivering exactly that.

        I’m not so much interested in the community aspect of the project (at least not yet).

        And last but not least I consider this payment for countless hours of The Amp Hour. 🙂

        • Paul

          Good I really hope you enjoy your purchase

        • He’s produced something like 170 videos and that does indeed take an awful lot of effort.

      • TomC

        Very interesting course. I’ll consider signing up for Participant level if Chris offers 1A (or another entry-level course) in the future.

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