• EEVblog #647 – Agilent 53131A Frequency Counter Oven Upgrade

    Dave upgrades his HP/Agilent 53131A frequency counter with an ovenised oscillator module from ebay.
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      • tchicago

        Hi, Dave, Great video!
        How is the other from cell tower rubidium oscillator from eBay doing? – the one you did a teardown with before. Could you do a short follow up video to compare its frequency against these two? I’m asking because I thought about buying it and then using as a standard to calibrate other stuff.

        • rich normand

          I have one of those too (FE-5680A).
          It would indeed be interesting to see how they compare to Dave’s SRS, FE unit if it works, GPS timming and oven stabilized xtals….


      • Michael tannenbaum

        Dave will that work with a 5334b

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