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    • Hey, nice work Dave! :->

    • Where did you buy your Rigol from? A quick search didn’t turn up in Aussie stockists.

      • Got mine on eBay, direct from China.
        Emona are the Australia supplier.

    • Lionel Lauer

      Dave, love the blog, please keep on doing it! ;^)

    • kennyg

      keep em comin Dave!

    • Name Bubble

      You mention the new Atmel ATtiny chip … do you have any idea where to get one?

      PS: Neat idea. Keep at it.

      • Sorry, none of the usual suppliers have stock yet according to findchips.com

    • rhys

      This is the best! I have been looking for something like this for a while keep up the good work.

    • paul

      Hi, thanks for ur great vlog ! I’m a newbie and i see a TDS210 on ebay for ~350euros… you seems to know this model ? Do you think the Rigol is better ?
      Thanks again for ur great job!

      Paul (from France)

      • Yes, I know the famous TDS-210.
        It is an ancient model with a pretty horrible screen and a lousy 2KB memory, the first on the market with affordable 1GS/s sampling and small form factor. Fantastic for its day, but the market has moved on since then.
        The Rigol beats it hands down in every category. You’d be crazy to buy a used TDS-210 instead of the Rigol.

        • Me

          Really you would take it over a TDS210?

          Even with the rumors of strange bugs in firmware and quirks?
          The over clocking?

          The TDS is at least 60MHz vs. 50MHz.

          People saying Rigol provides zero support.

          You would still pick the Rigol?

          Any idea why the TDS210 still sell for so much more money than a Rigol then?

          I’m still on the fence if I should get it… or would a 54600 series with 100mhz be better, yes the single shot is only to 2MHz…

          • @Me
            Yes, I’d take the Rigol over the TDS-210 any day of the week.
            The bright colour screen (the Tek screen is pathetic) , the USB host, the extra signal analysis and filtering features, the MASSIVE 1MB memory (the Tek is pathetic at 2.5KB). No contest at all.
            I’ve found no bugs, the overclocking works. Haven’t needed support yet.
            People still pay good money for the TDS-210 because they are sentimental. It was a good scope in it’s day, but isn’t that great by today’s standards.
            i single shot bandwidth of 2Mhz is next to useless. Get the deep memory high sample rate scope, you won’t regret it.
            Remember, Agilent rebadge Rigol scopes.

            • Me

              So really it is the memory size that seems to be the biggest difference here.
              I recall you mentioned it is really 500k on the rigol.
              So this noticibly allows you to capture more and zoom into more detail? I mean is it practially really used when doing i2c stuff etc. wish I could play with both to see.

              Trying to weigh the memory size, vs the extra 10MHz bandwidth gained on selecting one or the other( tds newer 60mhz and rigol 50mhz still.)

              • The memory size will make all the difference. The Tek is only 2.5KB which is next to useless compared to the Rigol’s 1M/512KB (15KB @ 1GS/s)
                Yes, it’s really used when doing I2C stuff, you’ll find the 2.5KB in the Tek very limiting and bordering on useless for I2C and other digital debug work.
                The extra 10MHz bandwidth is nothing in the scheme of things.

    • Paul

      Thanks a lot for your help.
      And, again, for your vlog !

    • kal

      hey guys what you think about ATTEN ADS1102
      its $440 u.s on ebay comes from china im not sure a bout the quality its 100mhz scope look just like rigol
      any feedback will be great before i decide to buy it

    • trance

      It looks like the ATTEN ADS1102 has twice the bandwidth, but from the specs the regular model seems to have only 4K of sample memory. The “M” suffix model has 2 megs of sample memory. This is not clearly stated on almost all eBay auction notices I’ve seen – I’m guessing these people are all selling the model w/4K sample memory

      The ATTEN will withstand 400V pp input; important if you’re looking at vacuum tube equipment.

    • Fernando Costa

      Hi all,

      Ijust bought my rigol about one hour before know this blog.
      There is a very nice chinese website that ships overseas and you guys can choose between Free airmail or payd EMS/UPS shipments.
      The cost???
      US$ 396,00 Believe it!

      The website is Volumerate.com

      Fernando (From Brazil)

      • Brett

        Hey Fernando,

        Thanks for the information on the Volumerate.com website. The prices on the merchandise there is incredible! I only wonder if you got the Rigol scope from them and how long did it take to receive? Thank you!


    • no
      • They didn’t rip off my blog, they asked me to set up it on the Element-14 site. So I’m the one who put it there.

    • Mr.Me

      What about the TDS220 ? 🙂 100MHz… for same price as DS1052e? Comments?

      • No comparison what so ever. I had a TDS220 and sold it. Lousy 2.5KB of sample memory, horrible mono screen, no cool features like FFT, hardware counter, filters, USB host etc. I gladly swapped for the DS1052E.

        • Hazard

          hi dave! my daily work is the design and development of Switching power supplies, battery chargers and special industrial rectifiers, I work every day with a TDS210, and TEK2201, in my house also have an old Goodwill GOS620 but as it occupies much space, i decided a change to RIGOL DS1052E , I had the opportunity to compare it with the TDS210, and beyond RIGOL has more memory registration, it has not the TEK screen resolution, plus the speed of acquisition of TEK is 1 GS/s in a much wider range of horizontal scan rates, the RIGOL only has 1Gs/s at 500nS/div , in addition, the image is much noisier than the TEK. in my opinion, the TDS210, it is very old, and have many limitations compared to more modern instruments, but the brand weight a lot when we need a certain quality in a product.

          i had the idea of replacing my old analogue oscilloscope, and at this time, i have not idea of what to do with the RIGOL jaja..

          Regards from Argentina!

    • crapizer 😀

    • hey zag you should send me that plans too! message them to me on okvw

    • The first time that i tried overcloking over a year ago, my CPU got overheated and got fried.’:,

    • Marcos

      Hi Dave, awesome blog!
      I need to buy an oscilloscope and let me know your opinion on Rigol DS1052 D (logic analyzer). Worthless or buy the DS1052 E?.

      Sorry for my bad English (maybe google is not as good)

      Greetings from Argentina, Marcos.

      • @Marcos
        Don’t waste your money unless you absolutely need easy mixed signal integration. Better value to be had with the 1052E and a USB LA.

    • Are sure Rigol is a good company? They never reply my e-mail

    • Ct’s arduous to seek out knowledgeable individuals on this subject, nevertheless , you sound like you are already aware what you’re talking about! Thanks

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    • Gordon Smith

      Have you seen the video describing how to get the 50MHz Rigol to pass 100MHz? Just tell it it’s a 100MHz model n umber and serial number and voila … 3nS rise time

      • Yeah, I created the video :->

    • Hi Dave,
      Re sample memory and Rigol versus TDS210
      I have a Tek TDS1002 50mhz can’t find spec on sample memory except it says 2500 records.

      I want to work with i2c.
      Will I need to upgrade?

      • Most likely. I’ve debugged I2C on a TDS210 with 2.5K memory, but it sucks as you can not see much of the data.

        • adiaz

          Rigol DS1052E oscilloscope is good, but the screen is very small.

          Is there a possibility of a circuit for external VGA connection?

          Thank you.

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