The EEVblog has morphed…

The EEVblog has been morphed from

Hopefully you shouldn’t even notice the difference, but I’m an electronics engineering nerd and not a Jolt Cola slurping computer geek, so something has bound to have gone wrong, possibly horribly…
Let me know if you find any issues at all…

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    • KTP


      I really like your electrical engineering blog idea. Some of your topics are a bit beyond my knowledge base but I am interested in learning more. I have some basic electronics knowledge (RLC circuits, transistor amplifiers, op amps, etc) but I do not have a good understanding of high frequency electronics (transmission lines, antenna theory, etc). I do have an old copy of Electromagnetics by a guy named John Kraus but am a little daunted by just jumping right into it from page 1. Do you have any recommendation on how a beginner like me might get started down the path to understanding these advanced topics? I am too old and too poor for college 🙂


    • Really cool video blog, the first I’ve seen interesting really!

      Many thanks for this good piece of time waster 😉

      Hope you will continue doing this video blog!

    • Robert

      Hi KTP, I’m electric/embedded systems engineer student from Sweden who also follow this blog and thinks it great! I thought I could help David out and answer your question with some links! First of you have the MIT OpenCoursware site there you can find some courses on the subject, also this Indian site or directly on youtube they have some interesting courses online for free! (both of these are completely free)

      You also have the “All About Circuit” series that is a couple of free online books thats also available for download

      Hope some of it can be interesting! 🙂

      • Thanks Robert. The MIT Opencourseware videos have been on my list of things to mention in the blog for quite some time!

    • Brodieman

      Huzzah! You have a proper web address finally! Time to stop remembering the old address when writing it down for clients who actually like to get their hands dirty!

      Keep up the good work!

    • Think you lost your Favicon.ico

    • Hey David

      Your videos are great! Your ability to explain things the way you do, makes its possible for electronic amateurs like myself to quickly understand some complex subjects.

      I found your site looking for reviews of the Rigol DS1052E scope. Seems to be the choice of cheap DSO to take over for my analog 15MHz old old old scope 🙂

      Kind regards

    • Your blog and videos are great. Keep up the good work. Thanks

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