• The EEVblog has morphed…

    The EEVblog has been morphed from

    Hopefully you shouldn’t even notice the difference, but I’m an electronics engineering nerd and not a Jolt Cola slurping computer geek, so something has bound to have gone wrong, possibly horribly…
    Let me know if you find any issues at all…

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      • KTP


        I really like your electrical engineering blog idea. Some of your topics are a bit beyond my knowledge base but I am interested in learning more. I have some basic electronics knowledge (RLC circuits, transistor amplifiers, op amps, etc) but I do not have a good understanding of high frequency electronics (transmission lines, antenna theory, etc). I do have an old copy of Electromagnetics by a guy named John Kraus but am a little daunted by just jumping right into it from page 1. Do you have any recommendation on how a beginner like me might get started down the path to understanding these advanced topics? I am too old and too poor for college 🙂


      • Really cool video blog, the first I’ve seen interesting really!

        Many thanks for this good piece of time waster 😉

        Hope you will continue doing this video blog!

      • Robert

        Hi KTP, I’m electric/embedded systems engineer student from Sweden who also follow this blog and thinks it great! I thought I could help David out and answer your question with some links! First of you have the MIT OpenCoursware site http://ocw.mit.edu there you can find some courses on the subject, also this Indian site http://nptel.iitm.ac.in/ or directly on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/nptelhrd they have some interesting courses online for free! (both of these are completely free)

        You also have the “All About Circuit” series that is a couple of free online books thats also available for download http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/

        Hope some of it can be interesting! 🙂

        • Thanks Robert. The MIT Opencourseware videos have been on my list of things to mention in the blog for quite some time!

      • Brodieman

        Huzzah! You have a proper web address finally! Time to stop remembering the old address when writing it down for clients who actually like to get their hands dirty!

        Keep up the good work!

      • Think you lost your Favicon.ico

      • Hey David

        Your videos are great! Your ability to explain things the way you do, makes its possible for electronic amateurs like myself to quickly understand some complex subjects.

        I found your site looking for reviews of the Rigol DS1052E scope. Seems to be the choice of cheap DSO to take over for my analog 15MHz old old old scope 🙂

        Kind regards

      • Your blog and videos are great. Keep up the good work. Thanks

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