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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Hi Dave,

    Yes, you do have some Hungarian listeners. At least one. 🙂


  2. Hi Dave,

    are you sure it’s the dumpster you are looking at and not a secret ebay storage area? If not, you can surely, start your Dave-bay business right away!!



  3. A dumpster in a rich country… It’s litterally the cave of Alibaba. Someone in the building must be spoiling you.

  4. The main PCB seems to be phenol paper based (FR2) with silver paste vias. A bit cheaper than normal R4 with copper vias…

  5. So what good parts did you manage to salvage from those units?

  6. those potentiometers look pretty similar to the ones I found once in an analog PC joystick from the mid-90s…

  7. That is really interesting, anyway, I can’t help myself thinking what would say the authorities in my country if they caught me ‘dumpster diving’… Something I find useful, environment friendly and money effective.

    Those heads for the cassete are pretty useful when trying to read magnetic single band pocket cards, decoding them and then rewriting with the recording magnetic head. I wonder if you still have some of those dictaphones.

    Hey and a very nice video blog!! I’m currently studying Electronics Engineering in Barcelona and I can say I owe EEVBlog a lot of my “Practical” knowledge. Keep on posting Dave!

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