EEVblog #461 – Genrad Decade Resistance Box Teardown

Dave’s Ignite Video is HERE
Teardown Tuesday
How interesting can a box with switches and resistors be?
Not very? How about a multi thousand dollar Genrad 1433 metrology grade decade resistance box?
IET’s video HERE
Forum Topic HERE

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  1. One shortcoming of decade resistor boxes is the need to dial in each digit. I’ve been pondering an idea that would use binary substitution and would give you, for example, the ability to scroll through a large portion of the E12 or E24 range, or even finer, with a single knob. Of course, it would have to use a microcontroller. Anyone think this is a good idea?

  2. I think you are paying a lot extra in AU for DeoxIT because of the cost to ship “hazardous ” materials overseas. I’m betting WD-40 has a facility that produces their product in country to reduce shipping costs because it’s more of a bulk market product. I pay about $5/can for the regular DeoxIT and about $8/can for the gold here in the states.

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