500th LIVE Show

Another live show to celebrate the 500th episode (or rear enough).
This Saturday 13 July 8am Sydney time.

To participate in the chat, visit the IRC or USTREAM channel or the LIVE Show tab above on the EEVblog site.

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  1. rear enough, heh.
    got class , so i`ll miss it. oh well, cheers

  2. Miss the class that is?

    1AM for me, sleeping is for suckers!

  3. My birthday is on the 13th. That will make a cool present! Thanks Dave!

  4. Damn it! I missed it…

  5. Yes, I have everything in place for tonight.
    It will run from 0000 to 0101 clock on Sunday morning here in Germany. Perfect time! The children will hopefully sleep. 😉

  6. Oh ;-( I missed it, too…
    It was saturday not sunday morning… what a shame 😉

  7. Is there a recording?

  8. Yep, having issues editing the comments.

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