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EEVblog 1525 – Commisioned Mailbag

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  1. Hello Dave,
    Just keep doing what you do. And take whatever time you need to do it. I have learned lots of stuff from your videos. And I’ve been entertained by them as well. Fundamental Fridays is a great idea. But who said every Friday? Teardown Tuesday is always fun to watch. But hey, there’s a Tuesday every week. So no teardown this week? Maybe next week or the week after. Just has to be a Tuesday, right? (Actually, wrong. You can do a Teardown Tuesday, or any other segment, on any day of the week. Fine with me.)
    And to put my money where my mouth is, I finally got around to sending a donation. Now, as a supporter, I say: keep up the great work and do it at whatever pace you choose. It’s your blog!

  2. Re: Dave doing a blog about cats….

    And as we say on this blog – Don’t wake it up – Take it Apart…

  3. hi dave,
    do what you want it is your blog in the end there are people that will go away from your blog, but there are also people that com to your blog .
    But the only things that matters is that you like to do it.
    because all of the blog’s that your are giving us to see is that you like it to do.
    and that is all that counts.
    your videos are always 100 % and that is what you like to give us.
    but mabi take a pause if you need it maybi make a organisation take some people in to do thing for you behind the screen and do your thing in front of the camera.
    i like your blogs man i know there are many people that like to see you.
    greatings from belgium keep up the good work.

  4. Said in the nicest possible way Dave, don’t waste so much time looking at the stamps, postmarks, postcards etc !!!!!!
    Mailbag is great Dave as are all of your videos, but I must admit I had to press the fast-forward button for the very first time while watching your last mailbag. Too much stamp-watch action etc, bored !!!
    Keep up the good work anyway, I hope to send you some mailbag inventions in the distant future !!!

  5. I especially like the part where Dave comments the stamps and the post card layouts!

  6. If you like a lot postcard, why don’t open it in altzone?

    I will watch you anyway

  7. Carlos A H Silva

    I realy love the mailbag videos, and I would hate to see then condensed for the shake of empty the pile. Some times the best is to make it slow and good.

    Let Dave have time to look at each of then and not to hurry him up.

    I am very very curious about the package He says will take a hole episode to review.

    What could it be? 😀

  8. Although Nik has a good point, I like the way Dave opens the mail packages. The stamps, the comments, etc. I still think that he should slide one or two packages in other videos, at the end or whatever. Some teardown videos are short enough to accept an extra surprise mailbag at the end, as I expressed before.

    One of the most attractive parts of the mailbag segments are the opening itself.

    All these comments will decant to a better outcome.


  9. You know what I want you to do, Dave? You should do what YOU want. You rock and I totally appreciate everything you’ve done for the community and me personally. I have learned a TON from you, and for that I am grateful. Please, keep up the good work and do what feels right to you! Clearly, since you’ve built this great community, what you like to focus on is perfect for us to consume! Thanks!

  10. The vast majority of stuff that is opened in mailbag is non-commercial, or just a one-man-band guy selling a few little kits.
    With commercial stuff, either I charge people to review stuff, or I do not. I chose not to.

  11. Erm… looking after a toddler for an entire day does not count as a “day off”! You sound like you don’t have children, otherwise you would know that looking after them is a full time job, and doesn’t generally give you much in the way of free time.

  12. I would love to be able to say my electronics mail shelf was full… I bet this is the best kind of spam you can receive.

  13. Dave, the pressure you feel is the pressure to grow. That can be a good or a bad thing depending on where you want to go. As a the owner of my own business, I think the pressure to grow is a very good thing – take advantage of it.

    Thanks & Regards, David

  14. Hi Dave,

    First let me start by saying how much I appreciate your work, I learned a lot from your videos and watch them weekly.

    I would just like to say what you probably already know, that you can’t please everyone. By attempting to do so, I think the videos will just become slow, dull and generic. Keep doing what you think is best, it’s worked pretty darn well so far. I see no reason to listen or even read all the bleating demands which other people feel entitled to put on you, especially since the ones which complain most, tend to contribute least.

    Again, thank you for your hard work and all the time you dedicate in making this a great electronics blog. Also, if you decide to take a few days off, I’m sure noone will blame you ;). I’m certain that a small vacation helps the quality of your videos as well as everything else.

    Thanks again.


  15. Hi Dave,

    you should build a mailbag traffic light in your lab.
    red = The mailbag shelf is full. Stop sending, please.
    orange = Only postcards. 😉
    green = Send me more interesting stuff, please.
    Maybe with a little banner in the first and last minutes.

    I love your blog so much but have not enough spare time to view all episodes in “real” time. From time to time (week to month) I pick interesting sounding things out and watch them from eevblog.com. Without an adblock plugin! Then I rate them and flag them as viewed in my iTunes achive ;-). I don’t watch TV so EEVblog and some others are my TV evenings in my Lab! I think I saw around 80%.
    There is no problem at all if you slow down some consuming things and make them only every 2nd, 3rd week or if you have time to do it right.

    I like that there are so much refreshing different formats in your blog. In-, and Outdoor walk or drive, FF, TD, DD, … don’t stop trying things out.
    There is one outstanding example that has engraved in my mind: Episode #284 – Toothbrush Teardown
    I was so surprised on the details you get out of it. I love such deep analysis on teardown or dumpster diving gear. 😉

    Btw. I know that children always cost more time and nerves (and money) as they are growing. Because you can’t leave them in a “drawer” like such a project that has become boring. 😉

    So let me thank you for nearly 500 episodes (unbelievable) of always entertaining engineering from down under. Awesome!

    take care,
    Michael from Germany

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