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EEVblog #1035 – Flaming DIY Power Supply

Smoke in the EEVblog Lab! What component failed and caught alight in the RD Tech ...

  • Paul

    I think you should look for a newer chip, and keep it, looks like there’s life in the old bird yet.

  • Franck

    ah back in time. ORIC/ATMOS was using 6502/6116 41256 4164 mem chips.
    But specifically in france during the analog cyphering pay TV, this 48Z02 was used to store sequences for reordering tv lines.

    CANAL+ decodeur 1980

    • Paul

      That’s interesting Franck, just got my daughter to read it to me, that expensive education paid off, she is a fluent French speaking girl, very fascinating subject I must say.

  • MarkR

    Did you save the contents?

    • Yep, got both saved.
      Not that the cal contents of a NVRAM on a meter that has presumably drifted out spec is really of any value.

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