EEVblog #617 – Tektronix Oscilloscope Anomaly

Dave shows how Tektronix digital oscilloscopes work fundamentally different in their Auto trigger mode from other brands.
And also some random ad-hock comparisons between the Tektronix MDO3000, Agilent MSOX3000, Rigol DS2000, and GW Instek GDS-2000A oscilloscopes.

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  1. How about you taking a class and learning about units… 20.000,000Hz are 20kHz not 20Hz…

  2. How about you taking a look at the manual before complaining? Most test equipment nowadays display a value of 20Hz like that, e.g. standard arbitrary signal generators I used. “.” is the decimal point, “,” is just marking every third decimal place.

  3. If it’s a problem send the the Tek 3000 series to me I’d be grateful for it. I’d even pay customs and postage. In return I’ll send you my Telequipment 61A,and still pay the postage.

  4. Seems like usual TCP congestion avoidance. When their buffer is too small, packets will be dropped and your computer will stop sending that much at once. It will try to ramp up later, and hit the ceiling again. The process repeats.

    What’s really going on is that there is a window size that is adjusted and that window size determines how many packets(/bytes) can be sent before the destination must send an acknowledge back stating that it has got all the data.

    • No, it’s more likely the frequency of the screen update.

      The blanking is the time the memory is read for updating the screen.

      Probably a single trigger is done jut before the screen update if no trigger existed since the last screen update, hence the 25 Hz auto trigger.

      • This is weird. I didn’t comment on this article from the beginning but rather on another one about networking :S Seems like the comment ended up in the wrong place anyhow…

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