• EEVblog #623 – See Through Thermal Camera Followup

    Want to see through a visually opaque material? it’s easy with a thermal imaging camera and a bit of physics.

    Dave also follows up on the cling wrap ESD issue with some measurements and alternatives.

    Previous video – How To See Through Objects With A Thermal Camera
    Anti-static bag myth
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      • michael

        pulling a plastic bag over your head is the dumbest thing to do, ever! while you were obviously just trying to show off your new found love for plastics… come on Dave!?

        • Razvan

          What’s so wrong about it?

          • Towger

            Sagan might copy daddy and win a Darwin Award.

            • huh

              …or become much smarter than billions of other kids, thanks to a non overprotective father who allows him to experiment under supervision, rather than blocking him to do anything unusual.

              Treating a child as a little idiot is the best way to grow him/her into a bigger one.

        • td

          according to the CPSC ~25 kids per year die from plastic bags and about 90% were under 1 years old and I suspect none view this blog.

        • ROFL!

      • Worf

        One of the easiest ways to alleviate the danger if it’s mains powered is to ensure it’s grounded. And that’s sometimes as simple as leaving the plug in while you cover it up.

        Other things like home AV equipment may not have a ground pin which means you need to ground it somewhere else – this is done ot avoid ground loops.

      • Paul

        Dave is an experienced numpty .

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